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You probably know that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that you get a check-up every six months in order prevent cavities and other dental problems, but did you know that the same goes for your child? That's right: after their first birthday, children need to head to the dentist just as often as you do.

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If your child does have a cavity, a filling may be the best way to ensure that the damage doesn't get any worse. At Dental Kidz, we use aesthetically pleasing, tooth-colored plastic called composite fillings to repair the surfaces of teeth, not those old-fashioned silver fillings. Not only are these better looking, they're also better for your child since they don't contain mercury and you don't have to remove as much tooth structure to hold the composite filling in place.


Crowns are used to restore tooth structure on a tooth that has had some of its soft tissue removed in order to stop an infection (a pulpotomy) or on a tooth that has too many surfaces of decay to be restored with a filling.

Root Canals

In the case of severe tooth decay or trauma, all of the soft matter inside the tooth may be affected. In these circumstances we'll need to remove the pulp, cleanse the root canals, and then pack the area with material that won't irritate your child's gums. It may sound scary, but this procedure could save your child's tooth. This usually takes several office visits, so we'll work with you to schedule your returns in advance.


This is the last resort when it comes to dealing with your child's dental health. However, if there is an infection present, if a tooth has a cavity but will fall out relatively soon, or if a tooth has so much decay that once the decay is removed there will not be enough healthy tooth structure remaining to hold a crown or filling, we will probably need to remove the tooth.


Braces, like other related tools designed to ensure proper alignment of the teeth and jaw, fall under the dentistry speciality known as orthodontics. While full braces aren't introduced until the arrival of all of a child's permanent teeth (somewhere around age 10-14) the American Association of Pediatric Orthodontists recommends that every child receives a proper examination by age seven. As with all of your child's dental needs, Dental Kidz is equipped to uncover the full potential of your child's smile through braces and other orthodontic treatments.

Sedation and Hospital Dentistry

Sedation dentistry allows comprehensive care to be provided in a comfortable manner for patients that might not otherwise be able to achieve the required level of relaxation.

At Dental Kidz, we want your child to be as happy as possible when receiving treatment. After their initial examination the doctor may recommend sedation due to the extent of treatment needed, their young age, the degree of situational anxiety present, or medical history. We can administer sedation with laughing gas, orally, or through an IV.

Regardless of the method used, patient safety is paramount. For all sedation methods we utilize state of the art, hospital-grade monitoring equipment. Along with a myriad of vital signs, our equipment monitors end tidal carbon dioxide, which is the gold standard when monitoring a sedated patient. In addition, all of our clinical staff are certified in CPR and Basic Life Support.

Hospital dentistry is recommended for extremely apprehensive children, very young children, and children with special needs that are not candidates for conscious sedation. Your child would be placed under general anesthesia and would be unconscious. This is the same treatment that your child would receive if they were having their tonsils removed.

Don't let anxiety or special needs keep your child from receiving the dental care that they need. Request an appointment with us today.


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