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At Dental Kidz, we know that despite busy and demanding lives, a parent's top priority is their child. That's why we're constantly seeking to provide you with the tools that you need to ensure that they remain healthy and happy, even when they're not visiting our office.

Whether it's the latest pediatric oral health pointers from Dr. Lezli Harvell or fun and educational goodies for the kids, check back here for more ways to maintain your child's oral health.

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Dr. Harvell's Publications and Appearances

Dr. Harvell is a recognized expert in the field of pediatric oral health. Here are just a few of the articles that have featured her dental advice:

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Ask Dr. Lezli

Check out the latest pediatric oral health news and tips and from Dr. Harvell's blog here.


Education and community involvement is an integral component of the Dental Kidz philosophy.

The Dental Kidz Foundation

The Dental Kidz Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) not for profit organization (Tax ID 47-1593185). The foundation provides grants that supports initiatives in education of females and initiatives in STEM education for under-represented minorities.

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